Mont St. Clair

Mont St. Clair

Named after a hill in Southern France, the original Mont St. Clair pastry shop is the creation of second generation patissier, Hironobu Tsujiguchi located in Tokyo’s Jiyugaoka. As a disciple of French confectioneries, Tsujiguchi created one of Japan’s most famous bakeries, which have grown into a Mecca for pastry lovers the world over.
After opening the reputation of Mont St. Clair grew quickly in Japan and soon spilled over to Korea, Taiwan and then spread around the world. Taking note of their impressive international reputation, the first urban resort from the Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort Group, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, opened a branch to provide the best baked goods and pastries possible for its guests.

Reservation & Inquiry

  • Location The Club 3F
  • Hour 09:00~21:00
  • Essential No smoking


Valentine’s Day Special

Spend the sweetest moment on Valentine’s Day at Banyan Tree Seoul.

Prices are vary depending on menu

Lunar New Year Special Buffet

Spend a plentiful time with your family by enjoying Lunar New Year special buffet.

Adult KRW 100,000, Child KRW 50,000

First Birthday Party Special Promotion

Prepare a private and reasonable 1st birthday party at Festa Dining.

From KRW 110,000 (1 person)

The Oasis Crab Market

Experience the flavor of the southern with a spicy and sweet chili crab platter, semi-buffet and Miller beer.

KRW 110,000

Chef’s Table

Festa Dining presents 'Chef's Table' with Australian Chef Joseph Lidgerwood.

Lunch KRW 66,000 / Dinner KRW 150,000

Hot Pot Special

The Club Member's Restaurant introduces 'Hot Pot Special' promotion.

KRW 42,000

Local Delicacies - Gangwon-Do

The Club Member's Restaurant presents 'Local Delicacies' promotion to convey the flavor of the local ingredients.

KRW 28,000

Birthday Party Package

Make your child’s birthday party more special at the Oasis Outdoor Kitchen.

KRW 60,000 (per person)

Very Vary Berry Dessert Buffet

Enjoy a refreshing and healthy strawberry desserts buffet at Granum Dining Lounge.

2018-12-07 ~ 2019-04-14

KRW 59,000

Afternoon QualiTea Time

Enrich your afternoon with ‘Afternoon QualiTea Time’ at Granum Dining Lounge.

2018-10-22 ~ 2018-12-31

KRW 49,000

Passion for Flavor

Enjoy various kinds of modern-European food at Granum Dining Lounge.

KRW 59,000

Korean Traditional Tea

Enjoy a warm tea time with our traditional tea which has different effects.

2018-11-01 ~ 2019-02-28

From KRW 9,000

The Reasonable

Enjoy the glittering night view of Seoul with single malt whisky.

From KRW 374,000

THE After Sunset at the Moon

Discover our upgraded ‘After Sunset at the Moon’ to celebrate beautiful Autumn.

From KRW 160,000

Travel À La Carte

Dinner à la carte menu for Festa Dining.

From KRW 35,000

‘A first birthday Party’ Menu

Present precious and meaningful moment for your child to celebrate a first birthday party.

From KRW 89,000

'Sang Gyeon Rye' Menu

For your special day, The Club Member’s Restaurant presents 'Sang Gyeon Rye' menu.

From KRW 99,000

The Anniversary ‘For my parents’ & The Proposal ‘For my Fiancé’

Propose & Anniversary packages at the peak of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul.

KRW 380,000

Garden in butcher

Enjoy your plentiful dinner with healthy salad and main platter.

W 159,000

Cocktail party at Moon

Enjoy the beautiful starry nights at Moon Bar with cocktail & canapé.

KRW 30,000 (per person)