The Drida Market & Mexican Festival

'The Drida Market & Mexican Festival', where you can enjoy the spring of Namsan with the sunshine, is held at the exotic Oasis outdoor poolside.

Enjoy the mouth watering Mexican food coming with beautiful spices and meet the various items from popular online brands regarding fashion, living, cosmetics, kids and interior accessories.

Reservation & Inquiry

02 2250 8000
  • Date 2019. 5. 25 (Sat)
  • Information - The Drida Market 11:00 ~ 20:00
    Meet the most popular brand on online regarding fashion, living, cosmetics, kids, interior accessories, wine and Banyan Tree Spa items and more.

    - Mexican Festival
    1) Mexican food and drinks 11:00 ~ 16:30
    A la carte menu including Mexican style hot dogs, chicken wings, fried rice, live tacos and margaritas
    2) Mexican BBQ buffet 18:00 ~ 21:00
    Mexican BBQ, quesadillas, live tacos, ceviche, Jarritos Soda and a live performance of Mariachi band

    * Please contact us for Mexican BBQ reservations
    * The Drida Market & Mexican Festival will alternatively be held on June 1 if raining.
  • Price The Driada Market - Free Entrance
    Mexican BBQ Buffet - KRW 99,000 for 1 adult / KRW 50,000 for 1 Child
  • Venue The Oasis Outdoor Poolside
  • Parking
    - Parking is only available for Mexican Buffet Customers. Please use the parking at Dongkuk University.
    - Free shuttle buses will be running for customers visiting The Drida Market between the exit 1 of Dongkuk University subway station and Banyan Tree Seoul. * 11:00 ~ 20:30 (Every 30 mins)


Season Special 'Eel'

Regain your appetite lost in the summer with a refreshing autumn eel.

KRW 45,000

Chuseok Special Buffet

Club member's restaurant is offering Chuseok Special Buffet.

~ 2019-09-13

Adults KRW 110,000 / Children KRW 50,000

Autumn Brunch Special

Enjoy your weekends and holidays with Autumn Brunch Special.

KRW 88,000 for Adults / KRW 65,000 for Children

Afternoon QualiTea Time 'Autumn Edition'

Afternoon QualiTea Time 'Autumn Edition' has come for you to enjoy Autumn Flavor with the beautiful scenery of Autumn.

KRW 59,000 for 2

FESTA Choice Lunch

Enjoy Festa Choice Lunch, specially selected menus by chef Kang Mingoo.

From KRW 65,000

Summer Champagne & Caviar

Enjoy your summer having Champagne & caviar with people you love.

2019-07-22 ~ 2019-08-31

From KRW 150,000

Season Special 'Cold Noodles'

Meet the sweet and sour bibim buckwheat noodles that stimulate appetite your appetite.

KRW 25,000

Season Special 'Ginseng Chicken Soup'

Club Member's Restaurant is offering Sambok tang and perilla ginseng chicken soup.

2019-07-01 ~ 2019-08-18

From KRW 39,000

Club Special 'Dosirak Special'

Offering Club special 'Lunch box' that reminds you nostalgic days

2019-07-01 ~ 2019-08-18

KRW 33,000

Local Delicacies - Jeju-Do

Introducing 'Local delicacies' filled with local flavors at Club Members' Restaurant

2019-07-01 ~ 2019-07-31

KRW 28,000

Petit Ibiza with Moonlight

Experience the fantastic night view of Seoul at the outdoor terrace of Moon Bar.

2019-06-01 ~ 2019-09-15

From KRW 370,000 for 4

Afternoon QualiTea Time 'Tropical Edition'

Enjoy Afternoon QualiTea Time 'Tropical Edition', a summer special edition.

2019-06-01 ~ 2019-08-31

KRW 55,000

The Oasis Poolside BBQ Buffet

Enjoy the cool and relaxing time under the summer heat with Poolside BBQ Buffet.

Adults KRW 99,000 / Children KRW 50,000

Bingsu Promotion

The season of 'Bingsoo' has come. Beat the hot summer heat with shaved-milky ice and various toppings on.

2019-05-20 ~ 2019-08-31

From KRW 30,000

Brunch Special

Experience 'Brunch Special' at Granum Dining Lounge.

2019-05-11 ~ 2019-08-25

KRW 88,000

Wedding After Party

The Moon Bar is offering a wedding after-party that will extend the longevity of your wedding.

From KRW 55,000 for 1 person

First Birthday Party Special Promotion

Prepare a private and reasonable 1st birthday party at Festa by mingoo.

~ 2020-01-31

KRW 150,000 (1 person)

Team Night Out

Make plans for the team night out at Moon Bar with fresh air from Namsan and attractive night view.

2019-04-01 ~ 2019-12-31

KRW 39,000

Granum Lunch Table

Enjoy various kinds of modern-European food at Granum Dining Lounge.

KRW 65,000

The Reasonable

Enjoy the glittering night view of Seoul with single malt whisky.

From KRW 374,000