Ice Rink

Ice Rink

Warmest winter memories at Banyan Tree Ice Rink

Ice Skating in Seoul is one of the most enjoyable things about winter. Surrounded by beautiful snow-capped Namsan Mountain, the Banyan Tree Seoul Ice Rink boasts stunning evening lighting guaranteed to create special winter memories with your loved ones. The outdoor pool converts to a frozen ice rink during the cold winter months including year-end festive season. Throughout winter, you can sled and skate across the pool's solid surface – enjoying the snowy charm of winter.

Reservation & Inquiry

02-2250-8230, 8087
Operating Information
Operating Information
Period December 13 (Fri) 2019 – February 23 (Sun) 2020
Hours 11:00 - 18:00
※ The facility can be closed due to weather conditions.
※ 8 hour free parking is available for the guests.
※ Please note that baby carriage is not allowed for safety reason.
※ Ice rink is not available during break time (13:00 - 13:30 / 15:30 - 16:00)

Entrance & Skate Rental Fee
반얀트리 아이스링크 이용가격
Type Mon-Fri Weekend & Holiday
Entrance Fee Member Complimentary
Accompanied guest, Hotel guest ₩8,500 ₩14,500
Public guest ₩17,000 ₩29,000
Skate Rental Fee ₩15,000
※ 50 % discount applies to BTWIN members and their 1 companion. (Skate rental costs are excluded)
※ Weekend & Holiday rates are applied on the dates below.
: December 25 2019, January 1 2020, January 24-27 2020
※ Sledges are included in the entrance fee, and skate rental fee will be charged when using the rink.
※ Children are 25-month to 13 years, and adults are above 14 years.
※ Adults and children rates are the same.
※ Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by guardians.
※ For the safety issue, the use of speed skates is restricted in the ice rink.
※ Gloves must beworn for safety and sledding and skating are now allowed if not worn. (Bring your own or gloves can be purchased on site.)
※ Food or beverages purchased outside are not allowed.

Skate Lesson  Instructor Profile
스케이트 레슨 회원관련 비회원 회수별 가격
Lesson 1 Time Single Session 4 Times Package
Member Private 1:1 ₩77,000 ₩278,000
Private 2:1 ₩66,000 ₩234,000
Group 3:1 ₩60,500 -
Group 4:1 ₩55,000
Public guest Private 1:1 ₩88,000 ₩322,000
Private 2:1 ₩77,000 ₩278,000
Group 3:1 ₩71,500 -
Group 4:1 ₩66,000
※ Entrance fee is not included for public guests who take the single session lesson.
※ Package lessons are available with less than 2 persons.
※ The lesson takes 40 minutes, and can be booked up to 7 days in advance.
※ Lesson schedules may change due to the weather and the condition of the rink.

The Oasis Outdoor Kitchen
오아시스 아웃도어 키친 이용안내
Enjoy a variety of food menus at The Oasis Outdoor Kitchen.
Hours 11:00 – 18:00 (Last order 17:30)
Inquiry 02 2250 8230, 8231