The Oasis Poolside BBQ Buffet

The Oasis Poolside BBQ Buffet is served in the exotic Oasis outdoor pool. Enjoy a hearty BBQ buffet consisting of grilled sirloin, lamb ribs, lobsters and various salads and desserts with unlimited draft beer overlooking the evening glow over Namsan.

Reservation & Inquiry

02 2250 8230
  • Period 2021. 06. 12 (Sat) ~ 2021. 06. 25 (Sun) * Sat, Sun Only
    2021. 06. 26 (Sat) ~ 2021. 08. 29 (Sun) * Mon-Sun
  • Hours 18:00 ~ 21:00

  • Menu - Grilled barbecue including sirloin, lamb ribs, chicken, and lobster
    - A wide variety of hot dishes such as fried rice, pasta, chicken wings, pizza, and various salads
    - Dessert, coffee or tea
    *Includes unlimited draft beer for adults
  • Price KRW 129,000 for adult / KRW 73,000 for child

    * Child rates apply from 37 months to 12 years old.
  • Venue The Oasis Outdoor Kitchen
  • Information ※Notice

    In accordance with the government’s policy to prevent the spread of coronavirus,

    all visitors should sign the entry log, using a QR code-based registration system.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


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The Oasis Poolside BBQ Buffet

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