Chuseok Special To Go

The Club Member’s Restaurant offers traditional Korean dishes with a takeaway service for you to enjoy holiday table at home. Have a special time with your loved ones enjoying hearty meals prepared by hotel chefs.

Reservation & Inquiry

02 2250 8157
  • Period 2022. 8. 16 (Tue) ~ 9. 5 (Mon)
    * Reservation required 3 days in advance
  • Hour 11:30 ~ 21:00
  • Menu Braised beef short ribs, Soy sauce marinated crab, Assorted savory pancake, Grilled barley-aged dried yellow croaker, Beef and radish soup, and more
  • Price KRW 495,000 for 4 people
    KRW 745,000 for 6 people
  • Venue The Club Member's Restaurant
    *Venue for The Club members and staying guests


Chuseok Special To Go

Club Member's Restaurant presents its 'Chuseok Special To Go' set comprising of various traditional Korean food served on the table.

~ 2022-08-16

From KRW 495,000

Warm Heart - Gyeongsang-do

The Club Member's Restaurant introduces local delicacies of the province.

~ 2022-08-01

KRW 32,000 for 1 person

Club Special - Summer Delicacy 'Cold Noodles'

The Club Member’s Restaurant has prepared summer delicacies that will stimulate your appetite.

From KRW 26,000

Bubble Rich

Enjoy the sweet and stylish 'rich champagne' at the Fest Rooftop Bar where has a great panoramic view.

2020-07-31 ~ 2020-09-30

KRW 300,000

Gold Rush Day

Enjoy romantic summer night tasting unlimited champagne and beer with pairing menu.

2020-07-31 ~ 2020-09-30

KRW 168,000

Sweet Moonlight

Enjoy a romantic night out with savoring wine and a pairing menu under the moonlight.

2020-01-01 ~ 2020-02-29

KRW 240,000

The Oasis Poolside Bubble Night

Chill out enjoing unlimited champagne at the exotic Oasis outdoor pool overlooking the evening glow over Namsan.

KRW 110,000 for 1 person

The Oasis Poolside BBQ Buffet

Enjoy a hearty BBQ buffet at the exotic Oasis outdoor pool overlooking the evening glow over Namsan.

Adult KRW 140,000 / Child KRW 80,000

Summer Brunch Special

Granum Dining Lounge serves a delicious weekend brunch prepared using the most notable seasonal ingredients.

Adult KRW 129,000 / Child KRW 79,000

Club Special - Samboktang Special

The Club Member’s Restaurant presents Samboktang so that you can blow the heat away and rejuvenate this summer.

KRW 49,000

Choice Lunch & Tasting Dinner

Enjoy Choice Lunch and Tasting Dinner course at Festa by mingoo.

Lunch KRW 90,000 / Dinner KRW 160,000

Mont St. Clair Tarte Pêches

Enjoy the fragrant and sweet taste of seasonal peach filled with fromage cream.

KRW 22,000

Private BBQ Dinner

Moon Bar’s outdoor terrace located on the top floor of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul offers Private BBQ Dinner promotion.

KRW 460,000 for 4

Afternoon Tea Set 'Summer Edition'

Granum Dining Lounge offers summer-themed Afternoon Tea Set which will enrich your afternoon.

KRW 79,000 for 2

Seasons Table

Enjoy 'Seasons Table', a salad bar made up of seasonal vegetables and soups.

KRW 65,000 for 1

Petit Ibiza

Plan a private gathering at the outdoor terrace jacuzzi, providing a panoramic view of Seoul’s nightscape.

From KRW 450,000

Summer Cocktail Special - Gintonica

Enjoy a relaxing summer night with refreshing cocktail Gintonica with fresh fruit and herb scent.

KRW 28,000

The Steak of Granum

Enjoy the genuine taste of steak platter at the Granum Dining Lounge.

From KRW 200,000

‘For my parents’ & ‘For my Fiance’

Moon Bar presents Propose & Anniversary package for couples.

KRW 490,000

Wedding After Party

Moon Bar presents romantic wedding after party package for your wedding day.

From KRW 88,000 per person